About US

The backParted FOS is the result of a hard work of many years after a bourgeois night. We did not regret having the money and the energy to give the users what they want:

a 100% HUNGARIAN independent operating system.

It's so successful that since then it is the most popular Linux distribution on linuxdistros-hidden-list.info, which we contributed to a substantial amount money. We won't bear it if someone were to overtake us from this rank.

If you still have a WinF0$$ operating system on your computer, please delete it immediately and then download our system and use it with a true Hungarian character.


The backParted FOS is a full-fledged operating system that was scratched from various Linux distributions and then translated into Hungarian so that the last Hungarian peasant from Sárköz can understand what he is doing with the magic box. So it's true that the original codes are not what we - and not even Hungarian - wrote, but we translated it and put it together.
If you are editing a verse anthology, you sell it to your own name, not to the author, right? Those are your verses now, and anyone who copy from your anthology, you punish it ritually - it's okay that you copied it too, but who cares?!
Copy is work too.


  • 100% Hungarian patchwork
  • 100% in Hungarian, both for Hungarian and foreign markets
  • 100% Hungarian programs for the 100% Hungarian user experience
  • 100% pre-installed runic fonts (Hungarian, Ancient Hungarian and Sumerian)


The following software is available in backParted FOS without the need for completeness:

  • FürgeRóka - (FastFox) internet browser
  • Turul - mail client
  • VillanyTitkár - office suite, including the popular Irka (Booklet), RácsosSzar (SpreadShits) and Vetítő (Projector)
  • VideoLejáCcó - media player, the buoy icon was added only for joke, but we could not replace it later
  • Major - File Manager
  • and much more...

Hardware Requirements

The backParted FOS technically (but not virtually) runs on any computer, laptop, mobile phone, and Hajdu washing machine. But the minimum requirements are of course:

  • 3 GB space on the feltdrive
  • 1848 MB Emlékezet (or "memory")
  • 4 cores MilleCentium © Core Processing Unit (KFE)
  • LézerLemez© (LaserDisk) vagy BedugósBiszbasz© (PlugThisShitIn) for installation files
  • World Wide Web connection to upgrade
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