backParted FOS

1.2 million users, 10.500 downloads!

Our popularity is unbroken, we only have happy users.
Anyone who asks, will be banned right away!
Only the happy ones will remain.

100% Hungarian-developed, free*
independent operating system

Foreign Codes - Hungarian Patchwork

* but register or we will fuck you!

Independent system

We've been scratching the codes from the most popular systems. Which systems are these, we don't want to talk about it.

100% Hungarian

Our workforce is 100% tall, valiant Hungarian. Don't be a heckler, or we beat you up with Hungarian virtue.

Most popular distro

On, at least. But on this page, thousands support. Some of our team and the bots.


The Blackmail virus attacks again!

The blackmail virus attacks again! Fortunately, the backParted FOS users are safe.


backParted FOS 18.48 Dark Butcher beta is out now!

We've been upgrading the system with revolutionary new technologies! Click here to download the latest software!


Philosophy of HunOR

"Hungarian for Hungarians" - this is our motto.
Even if we actually live abroad. But our heart remained Hungarian! We do not want to convince people, but there are two kind of operating systems:

the backParted FOS and the shit.

Everyone is free to decide if you want shit or the backParted FOS. No constraint, no strain. Are you a proud backParted FOS user, or you still Microsuck? Or use one of the other Linux distributions, smarty? Nullbuntu or Devian? If you're a Mint user, then get the fuck out of here now!

Come to our Facebook group for a good conversation. Just do not ask, because we'll send you instant back to your mother's **.

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